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We are Here for You


We're back!!

Can't wait to see you.
This has been a very "interesting" time for all of us and will continue to be so for awhile. However, we are looking forward to being back in the store on a more regular basis to serve your sewing needs. We have LOTS of new fabric arrivals.

However the shopping rules have changed with the physical distancing rules.

Arriving at the Store:

There will be a limit of 4 shoppers in the store at one time. We will have a greeter managing this process. Please be respectful of the greeter’s directions to ensure the safety of all.

While Shopping:

  • You MUST wear a mask to be permitted into the store - no exceptions.
  • Please keep physical distancing while you are shopping.
  • Our staff will do their best to give you space while you shop, and we ask that you do the same.
  • Please limit your shopping time to 45 minutes, unless there is no line up - then browse at your leisure.
  • There will be no washroom facilities during this time. Discount Cards are once again in effect

When you check out:

  • Please follow the guides on the floor to keep social distancing.
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard, Debit and Cash. Credit/Debit Card minimum limit is $5.00

We've missed you, welcome back!

New Hours of Operations Times
Tuesday - Friday 10 - 3
Saturday 11 - 3
Sunday and Monday Closed

Traditional slower times to shop

To avoid line ups This is NOT a guarantee
Tuesday - Saturday 12 - 2

Busiest Times ...
Tuesday 10 - 12
Tuesday - Friday 2 - 3
Saturday 11 -12

(This is when customers are dropping off and picking up sewing machine repairs)

We will continue with :: Purchases and Delivery

How to purchase:

  • 1) email at oakvillesewing1@gmail.com with your order and your phone number so we can contact you for credit card information (please do not send credit card info via email).

If you place and email order


It fills the mailbox so that our phone-in customers cannot place an order.


  • 2) Phone in your order to the store at

905 844-2782. We will contact you for credit card info as we pick up messages.

NOTE: Please provide your phone number for all orders so we can contact you for credit card information. Forgetting to do this will delay the order. Once the order has been filled we will call you for credit card information.

Minimum curbside order $20

Discount Memberships are not applicable on curbside orders .

Remember, when picking up orders to respect social distancing.

Machine Repairs

Machines can be dropped off any time during regular business hours and up to noon on Saturday. Your machine will be ready the following Saturday (instead of Tuesday) provided it does not need parts or extraordinary repairs. $75 non-refundable deposit required - can be used toward the repair.

New Store Hours

Tuesday - Friday 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Sunday and Monday Closed

We stock a variety of top quality machines
for your sewing excellence.



Our dealership agreements do not allow us to post in-store special prices. Come in and personally experience our sewing centre!